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We made the Top 50 Fish & Chips Shops in the UK 2021


Where possible, order ahead via our website or our app. We can get really busy at times, and appreciate everyone's patience.

Lora x

Mobile Truck Menu


Our mobile truck is perfect for events, from Weddings to birthday parties we can work with you to ensure we find the perfect package!

I am a big believer in 'something different for everyone' and for that reason we don't have 'set' packages. Everybody wants and needs something different from us when they choose us a caterer - everybody has a budget and event costs can mount. If you choose to book us we usually sit down (remotely more so lately) and discuss what you want and can afford for your event. We will then work out what or if we can offer anything within that budget, and we always try to offer something.

We charge a booking fee of £100 which covers things like insurances, staff costs, fuel. Food is then worked out after, in whichever format we have decided on with the clients.

2022 REGULAR SLOTS - we do still have spaces where we may be able to hold regular slots with places like caravan parks, pubs etc. Please get in touch if this is something that may work for you.


Our menu is the truck is smaller than the shop due to the size of our fryers however below are some examples of what we can do in the. If you're thinking of booking us and want something that isn't listed below we can always work on bespoke packages to suit your needs.

We've had lots of events where a different menus have been requested a few examples include: 

- Pies and Chips

- Chip baps with sides and sauces

Get in touch if you would like to discuss menus in more detail.

Chip Shop Classics

Small Sausage

Battered Small Sausage

Jumbo Sausage

Battered Jumbo Sausage


Cheese & Onion Fryit (V)

Chicken Nuggets (4)

Battered Cod (GF Available)


What is Fish without Chips?

Small Chips

Regular Chips

Gluten Free Chips available (separate fryer)

Our chips are traditional chippy chips. Peeled and cut at our shop.

Have a bit on the side!

Mushy Peas (GF, Ve, V)


Chip Shop Curry (GFA)

Large Portions available

Nice and easy! Just choose your favourites!

Small Sausage OR Fishcake

Small Chips

Any Sauce

Just pick a sauce!

Jumbo Sausage

Regular Chips

Any Sauce

The perfect size for a little treat!

Small Cod

Small Chips

Any Sauce