...So good they named it twice!

We made the Top 50 Fish & Chips Shops in the UK 2021


Where possible, order ahead via our website or our app. We can get really busy at times, and appreciate everyone's patience.

Lora x

NEW Winter Opening Hours

The world is slowly getting back to normal, so we are trying to do the same!

Our front door is now open, which means we are able to finally talk to our customers face to face! We have really missed that aspect of it all. We do accept walk ins, so if your passing and you fancy chips you can just pop in and order. The team will give you an order number, and a pager if you wish to wait in the car. When ready your food will be passed through our collection window. This allows us to keep everyone safe and things running smoothly.

New location to our App!

Our Pop Up Chip Shops have been a huge success

And with COVID situation we just want to keep everyone safe, one of the ways we like to do this, is by encouraging people to order ahead. The App provides a quick and easy way to do this, and with payment online it lessens contact between everyone, which currently is the safest way to do.

My priority is to keep my customers and my staff safe.


Lockdown hit so many of us, in ways we never would have imagined.

When the drama hit the press and Marcus Rashford began to campaign to ensure Free School Meals would continue outside of school, we decided to do our bit to help.

With the support of the local community, and an amazing amount of donations we were able to provide free meals to adults and children in the community. To begin with we has volunteers that delivered the meals, and when that slowed down we continued to provide a collection service.

Sadly the scheme came to end February 2021 and as we had funds left over we decided to donate them to the Local Conversation project run by staff at Mon CF. The money donated will be used to help members of the community affected by COVID - things like isolation and hardship.

I am SO proud of my staff, and everyone involved in the scheme. Thank you so so much for all your support

Lora x 

A little bit of history..

In 2018 I left my previous role as a manager of our family restaurant to look for a new challenge..

My in-laws regularly visited 'The Chippy' as it was back then and the previous owner dropped into conversation she was looking to retire.. Originally I was looking for something a little less chaotic in my life but I never like to do things by halves so I decided to try and put the forgotten little chip shop back on the map!

I was really fortunate - through the help of an amazing customer base and social media presence the business grew very quickly. We introduced new things like our feast boxes and home delivery and before I knew it the weekends were really busy!

Towards the end of 2019 we got ourselves caught up in a crazy Radio 1 national campaign to change our name! A local resident text in to Greg James breakfast show and said our shop was a local landmark as it was lovingly known as 'Hippy Chippy' (the C fell off in a storm) and in recent building works the signs had been replaced and once again read The Chippy.

The whole of the UK got behind the hilarious campaign to change the name. We had numerous offers of help and our amazing friends over at MX Display kindly made us our new logos and signage for free!

Sadly the name Hippy Chippy wasn't to be (long story!) and thanx to some quick thinking we are now known as Chippy Chippy - so good they named it twice!

Gift vouchers available!

What do you buy the person who has everything? A Chippy Chippy Gift Voucher - who doesn't love chips?! We get lots of these bought for Grandparents or Parents because people know they have to use it on themselves and they get the treat of tea being made for them.