...So good they named it twice!

We made the Top 50 Fish & Chips Shops in the UK 2021


Where possible, order ahead via our website or our app. We can get really busy at times, and appreciate everyone's patience.

Lora x

Our Menu..

All the classics and things you love. All you have to do is choose what to have!

We sometimes have specials, which might not always be on our website. If ordering over the phone its always worth asking if there is anything on. And if there is something you fancy but you can't see it - please ask, we are always open to new ideas!

Prices updated and correct as of 25/05/2021

All our delicious fish is cooked to order..

Small Cod - £4.40

Regular Cod - £5.60

Homemade Cod Goujons (3) - £2.80

Haddock - £6.50

Breaded Plaice Fillet - £4.50

Unfortunately, due to supply issues we are unable to offer a small haddock. We apologise for any inconvenience caused 




All the family favourites you love..

Small Sausage - £1.10

Battered Small Sausage - £1.40

Jumbo Sausage - £2.10

Battered Jumbo Sausage - £2.40

Fishcake - £1.70

Smoked Haddock & Mozzarella Fishcake - £1.90

Cod and Cheddar Fishcake - £1.70

Pies - various - £2.60

Beef Cutlet - £2.50

Southern Fried Chicken Cutlet - £2.50

Cheese & Onion Fryit - £1.50

Chicken Nuggets

4 - £2.60

8 - £3.90

Double Chicken Burger - £3.70

Raymond's Beef Burgers - £3.70

Pick your size..

Cone of Chips - £1.20

Small Chips - £1.95

Regular Chips - £2.60

Large Chips - £3.20

Chips & Sauce - £3.60

Potato Scallop (2) - £1.00

A saucy side..

Mushy Peas

Small - £1.25

Large - £1.50

Chip Shop Curry

Small - £1.25

Large - £1.50

Chinese Curry

Small - £1.25

Large - £1.50


Small - £1.25

Large - £1.50

Because you want to..

Breaded Scampi (8) - £4.80

Mushy Pea Fritter - £1.60

Black Pudding Fritter (2) - £1.80

Bap - £0.60

Pickled Egg £0.70

And the extra bits we sometimes need:

Paper Carrier Bag - £0.15

Extra Tray - £0.10

Large Plastic Fork - £0.10

Sauce Sachets - £0.10

Bottle of Vinegar - £1.50


Nobody should miss out on fish & chips..

Please advise us when ordering of all food allergies, more information below!

Small Cod - £3.90

Large Cod - £4.95

Large Haddock - £5.70

GF Sausage - £1.10

Cone of Chips - £1.20

Small Chips - £1.90

Regular Chips - £2.50

Please note all our gluten free food is cooked in a separate small fryer - this takes longer than the usual fryers and its better to pre-order to save you a wait.

As with all allergens, we always try to ensure no cross contamination however we cannot guarantee this due to there being other products in the same environment.


Mega meal deals & Tray deals

Our tray deals were added to the menu to offer a convenient lunch or teatime treat, they offer a meal for one complete with a drink and fork!

And after these took off it got me thinking, what about families? I have children and its always handy to have options because they all want different things but then fight over what the other one's got! And that's how the mega meal deals came about. Everybody wants value for money and the boxes are exactly that! There are huge savings buying the mega meal deals rather than buying the item separately.

£19.50 - feeds 4
RRP £23.55

The Family Feast includes:

1x Large Cod or Haddock

2x Small Sausage

2x Fishcakes

2x Large Chips

2x Large Sauces 

4x Cans


£26.00 - feeds 4
RRP £31.80

The Fishless Feast includes:

2x Beef Cutlets

2x Southern Fried Chicken Cutlets

2x Jumbo Sausages

12x Chicken Nuggets

2x Large Chips

2x Large Sauces

4x Can

£33.00 - feeds 6
RRP £38.80

The XXL Family Feast includes:

2x  Large Cod or Haddock

2x Fishcakes

4x Small Sausage

12x Chicken Nuggets

3x Large Chips

3x Large Sauces

6x Cans


Tray deal includes:

Small Sausage

Small Chips

Any Sauce - Peas/Gravy/Curry

Any Drink - Can or Tea/Coffee

Served on a tray with a large fork


Tray deal includes:

Small Sausage or Fishcake

Regular Chips

Any Sauce - Peas/Gravy/Curry

Any Drink - Can or Tea/Coffee

Served on a tray with a large fork


Tray deal includes:

Jumbo Sausage or Beef Cutlet

Large Chips

Any Sauce - Peas/Gravy/Curry

Any Drink - Can or Tea/Coffee

Served on a tray with a large fork


Tray deal includes:

Small Cod 

Small Chips

Any Sauce - Peas/Gravy/Curry

Any Drink - Can or Tea/Coffee

Served on a tray with a large fork



My children all had a milk allergy growing up and I know how frustrating and worrying trying to eat out was. We have a detailed list of all our products available to customers in the shop, and where we can we will always do our best to cater for those with allergies. We are fortunate enough to have the space to provide a gluten free service, here we cook only our gluten free food in its own fryers. These fryers take a little longer and we always suggest a pre-order to save waiting time.

As always we do need to stress that although we take every possible step to ensure that our food is allergy free we feel its important to remind everyone we are working in an environment whereby these allergens are present in other foods and therefore we cannot 100% guarantee that there will be no cross contamination. We ask all customers to consider this before ordering

There are 14 main allergens - please advise staff of ANY allergies before ordering. Thank you











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